Cascade Springs

We drove up to Cascade Springs on Tuesday and had an incredible time. It took us about an hour to get there (so about 40 minutes once you enter the AF Canyon), but it was such a gorgeous drive, I didn’t mind it one bit. I planned out Finn’s naps so he would nap on the way up and back, and brought the iPad for Eva, so kids didn’t mind either.

I had seen pictures but have never been myself so I actually brought Eva’s swim stuff and extra clothes just in case she were to wade in the springs. But it turns out wading is not allowed (and the water isn’t exactly wade-friendly anyway). So, don’t pack all the extra stuff, you won’t need it. There also is a rule of no picnicking on the trail, so the lunch we had packed, we just ate near our car. I was, however, still glad we brought our quilt so we could sit by the springs for a bit and enjoy the scenery.

The trail around the three loops is all paved. I brought my stroller which was nice for when Eva got tired (it’s not a hard walk though, she was just being lazy). There are a couple stairs so either be prepared to carry the stroller or go a different way.

Surprising fact: We actually had phone service up there which was a bit of a relief. I liked being able to text TJ that we arrived safely.

Side-note:There are bathrooms and water fountains up there, and like before, Eva would never dare use them I’m sure, but are nice for an emergency.














Happy Flag Day!